Hello World! Our small team is engaged in the production of non-commercial media content.
Our project highlights the culture of walking barefoot in all its aspects and promotes respect for nature and the outside world as a whole. 
We gather people around us with a conscious attitude to life. 
We want the streets of cities to be clean, so that everyone can refuse shoes if necessary.
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Greetings to all! My name is Polina Smerch. I had spent a lot of time off-line because I don't really like the publicity. But now we are running the new project  and I'm the author of this idea. We have to fight our demons now.
Our project is going to popularize the barefoot style of life in a city. I personally don't like the way people are used to treat the "barefooters" and I'd like the society to take us more seriously. Also I want people to understand that we are fully valid adequate people for whom walking barefoot is a natural thing even within the limits of the city.
Also our web-site is a kind of a creative laboratory, so we are going to post the photo and videosets which should be perceived as a search for the new characters of our future short films.
Moreover we'd like to deal with some social activities: to create the events, parties and flashmobs and to give in such a way an opportunity to spend more time barefoot to those who needs it.
Thus, if you have any questions or offers -- don't hesitate to tell us about them using the comments or the feedback service. 
Thanks to everyone! 

To be continued...

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